The first step in addressing a substance abuse problem is effective assessment.

The PREVENT! Program

Comprehensive substance abuse assessment program for teens and young adults

PREVENT! is a 5-session individualized program that provides the most effective way of addressing substance abuse issues:

  1. For clients in the early stages of substance abuse, it becomes a prevention program.

  2. For clients with a more severe problem, it becomes an intervention; it helps the client understand why more help is needed, and saves valuable treatment time by not having to argue with a resistant client.


Intensive drug evaluation program for teens and young adults

Stop substance abuse before it becomes a problem.

  1. Drug awareness education

  2. Motivational enhancement and decisional balancing tools

  3. Parent education

  4. Group processing

  5. Individual family session


Clients must first complete an initial substance abuse assessment. At that time they may be recommended to go through the PREVENT! program.

The program consists of five sessions that are conducted over a two-week period. Each session is 90 minutes, and are scheduled individually.

SESSION 1: Educational session with parents and the client.

SESSIONS 2-4: Individual sessions with the client in which they complete “contemplation” work. (“Is this a problem or not?”)

SESSION 5: Referral meeting: Family session with parents and client.

Cost for program is based on standard appointment fees for extended sessions.

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  “Motivation occurs when there is a discrepancy between where a person is and where they want to be with regard to a particular issue.”

By identifying the potential risks of where chemical use can lead versus where they want to be with regards to various areas in their lives, the PREVENT! program creates motivation for adolescents to make positive changes and eliminate risky behavior.




“Telling a client their chemical use is a problem—without helping them understand why—is a set-up for resistance.”

The unique feature of PREVENT! is that it helps the client arrive at his or her own decision about how to proceed in addressing a substance abuse issue.

  1. Education: A specially designed session for client AND parents that examines the difference between social use and addiction.

  2. Written work: Clients examine their drug use history, symptoms, benefits vs. risks of chemical use,  impact of substance abuse, motivation for quitting.

  3. Individual and family counseling: Clients discuss their chemical use in three individual sessions, then review with parents and discuss what needs to happen next in a final family session.