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Program Schedule

Group: Wednesdays, 4:30-6pm

Weekly individual session (schedule independently)


(214) 789-8456

The Journey To Recovery: A groundbreaking substance abuse curriculum that helps clients establish a solid foundation for recovery.

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Supportive Outpatient Program (SOP) for teens

The Journey To Recovery program is a creative approach that successfully engages young people in treatment and gets them excited about recovery. Some of the things that make The Journey To Recovery Program effective:

Positive approach: Creates motivation by establishing positive goals to work towards rather than negative reinforcement.

Experiential: Creative activities using music, meditation, storytelling and more.

Spirituality: Strong emphasis on the spiritual aspect of 12 Step recovery in a way that gets young people excited about spiritual growth.

Family: A separate support group for parents provides continuity and accountability, and promotes recovery for the entire family.

12-Step based: Strongly grounded in 12-Step recovery, The Journey To Recovery Program provides guidance to assure that appropriate 12-Step program participation is occurring.

About the program:

The Journey To Recovery Program consists of one group group week and one individual counseling session. It is designed to support teens in addressing substance abuse issues, however it is not intended as a replacement for intensive treatment. It may be an appropriate option for clients who do not yet need intensive treatment, or as ongoing support for clients who have completed residential or IOP treatment.

Weekly group: A popular feature of Jim Savage's work is his unique ability to create a positive group experience for young people. Each group session includes a creative activity that inpires self-examination and provides a safe environment for participants to share on a deep level. ($60 per week, 8 weeks)

Individual sessions: A weekly counseling session is held in which assignments from the Journey To Recovery curriculum are processed. ($125 per session)

Curriculum: Clients complete assignments for the Journey To Recovery curriculum. Experiential modalities (music, storytelling, meditation) are used to reinforce client's progress through the Stages of Change: Decreasing denial, motivation for change, establishing a plan, support for developing a consistent routine that supports recovery.